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AWAKE is your destination for visionary business consulting. We enable forward-thinking brands, organizations and their people to grow by merging impactful strategy, creative force and innovative organizational development. Benefit from our unique approach and bring your identity to life with AWAKE.

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Our Mission

Creating Ecosystems •

Creating Ecosystems •

Creating Ecosystems •

We want to change the traditional business consulting landscape by making it more human-centered, creative and holistic - from the core. We see organisations as dynamic ecosystems: an ever-changing universe of people and their ideas. As a boutique consultancy we act as your compass to guide you through your business environment and develop your unique flow from the inside out. Our diverse professional experiences in creative direction, marketing, HR / employer branding, brand building, product and business development and advanced methods enable us to generate new perspectives that drive innovation and growth.

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Our Service


We specialize in creating holistic brand identities for start-ups, SMEs and global companies, supporting the entire brand building process.

Our expertise is unique, our toolset unparalleled: we combine our creative mindset with strategic know-how and integrate elements from organizational development as well as design thinking and methods such as Lego Serious Play. In this way, we adopt a multidimensional perspective that enables us to view complex relations in a new context. From values, employee experience and brand building to spatial implementation, we support you in finding your flow and developing your full potential - as a strong brand and successful organization.

We build brands

We believe in 'Soul Centered Brand Building' based on brand identity and essence, which serve as a compass for narrative and design. Using this foundation, the uniqueness and purpose of a brand will unfold - from the inside to the outside.


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand vision and mission
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Design and art direction

We develop cultures

With our holistic approach, we support you in authentically embodying their essence and establishing your values for a credible corporate culture. We specialize in the field of employer branding, female leadership, culture and community building.


  • Corporate values
  • Organizational development (certified by IMU)
  • Employer Branding strategy (in cooperation with DEBA)
  • Employer Branding campaigns
  • Employee experience / activation
  • Diversity / Female leadership
  • Community building / internal networks
  • discover our women's network The HER KLUB

We create spaces

The physical space holds significant value for us, serving as a vital component of brand identity and corporate culture. With our in-house unit AROOM we specialize in the sustainable design of spaces that puts people at the center. We accompany you from the creative idea to the successful implementation. Our goal is to create a unique spatial experience that aligns both customers and employees to the company’s purpose and its brand values.


  • Workplace strategy
  • Workspace design
  • Brand experience
  • Event and Installation
  • Spatial concepts and interior design
  • Production and execution

We lead campaigns

From concept to campaign: for almost 20 years, we have been leading campaigns and realizing productions for global clients. Years of experience in creative direction and production in the fashion and advertising industry have given us an extensive network and leading industry knowledge. In recent years, we have specialized in the production of employer branding campaigns and set new industry standards in this area.


  • Ideation
  • Concept
  • Art direction
  • Creative direction
  • Art buying
  • Film and photo production

AWAKE workshops

Our workshops are unique, interactive and lead to clear results. We design individual sessions based on your needs. From value exploration, agile brand sprints, value prop evaluation or creating your future workplace, we rely on a mix of effective tools based on our AWAKE FLOW FACTOR method.


  • Lego® Serious Play®
  • Design Thinking
  • Integral Transformation
  • New Work
  • Workplace strategy
  • Workspace design
  • CHAT GPT prompting

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When you experience large brand growth in a short period of time, it makes sense to look critically at the brand foundation. Is our strategy on point? Could we position ourselves even better in the market? How do we actually communicate with our customers across different platforms? With all these questions, Birgit and her team helped us reflect on the past and, more importantly, look at the future of Plantura. With a positive attitude, clarity and a lot of commitment, AWAKE accompanied us on the path of brand development and sharpened our brand focus once again.

Melissa Raupach